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Re: Color Coding

On 2018-08-22 15:23, Libor Striz wrote:
Wolf K <wolfmac@xxxxxxxxxxxx> Wrote in message:

"Primary perception" affects everything else. Eg, the emotional effects
of colour affect how information is processed. In your case, you
apparently associate a multi-coloured information screen with "a
colouring book for children", which brings up a negative response. This
is also a nice example of how emotional responses are affected by
culture and personal experience.

Not to mention that "perception" is a fuzzy concept, covering everything
from highly focused attention to sub-aware response, so that any
discussion about design will be as fuzzy as the implicit assumptions
about perception.

Quite fuzzy statements,
compared to well  justified
and clear typographic  rules. :-)

Touche. :-)

But keep in mind that since the rules are about perceptions, and perceptions change (eg, they are subject to fashion), the rules change too.

Wolf K
It's called an "opinion" because it's not a fact.
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