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Re: Still Unable to Install Thunderbird 60.0

😉 Good Guy 😉 wrote:
On 23/08/2018 00:06, Balaco ocalaB wrote:

LOL... move away for Mozilla. Or away from Windows [any], at most. I have a few problems with Thunderbird and Firefox in Debian, but they are not even close to the extreme situation you report for the version I will never use of TB.

How can he say it's a bug when he hasn't tried anything on that machine.  I've just posted a message on TB but I doubt if he's ever going to act on it; or even bother to read it.  He's one of those guys who knows it all and no wonder his posts takes forever to appear on FF or TB newsgroups.  He said 4 hours but I would say 8 hours or even 12 hours.

I think he's just wasting everybody's time including part-time developers who have other work to attend rather than spending time on something that's not a bug at all.

With over 950 million devices now running Windows 10, customer satisfaction is higher than any previous version of windows.

rubbish, use Fedora (Red Hat)
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