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Re: Still Unable to Install Thunderbird 60.0

Em 22-08-2018 19:56, David E. Ross escreveu:
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64

I have tried downloading the 32-bit Thunderbird 60.0 from both
and also
 The SHA512 hash from
<https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/thunderbird/releases/60.0/SHA512SUMS> for
[win32/en-US/Thunderbird Setup 60.0.exe] indicates they are identical.

When I try to install Thunderbird 60.0, I get an error popup that
indicates I do not have any variety of Windows 7.  Other software on my
PC confirm that I do indeed have Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64.

For the popup and further details, see bug #1481880 at

Can anyone help me?

Also, I am still unable to get this very on-topic message to appear in
the mozilla.support.thunderbird newsgroup.  I sent it an hour and 20
minutes ago, but it is still not there.  I posted an earlier message to
mozilla.support.thunderbird about this same problem two weeks ago, but
it never appeared.

LOL... move away for Mozilla. Or away from Windows [any], at most. I have a few problems with Thunderbird and Firefox in Debian, but they are not even close to the extreme situation you report for the version I will never use of TB.

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