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Jesus comes soon

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Open your eyes - the redemption is coming!

The band Rogers Park is talented and unexpected. They took to the streets of New York to sing about the redemption - the Geulah, as it’s called in Hebrew. When you see all the different types of people involved in the music video, you’ll really feel that the redemption is on the way and coming soon! We can only hope and pray!

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Timely Topics

Click here to watch: Former IDF soldier shares the truth about peace in the Middle East

Israel constantly offers peace while the Arab leadership rejects it.

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In the News
antisemitic resolutions

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Jewish Students on Campus Stand Up to Anti-Semites

These students are being persecuted. This needs to stop now.

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Farmer near Gaza border shares his personal story of what Hamas destroyed

"Amir is a farmer in Nahal Oz - a kibbutz only 1.5 miles from the Gaza border. He tells his personal story of the complete and utter destruction Hamas has caused. The fire kites and balloons that Hamas has sent into Israeli have destroyed thousands and thousands of acres of land. What used to be green and brown is now black. Tell the UN to condemn Hamas’s actions!

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Shalom from Jerusalem!
Avi Abelow
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