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Re: Color Coding

On 2018-08-22 10:40, Libor Striz wrote:
Wolf K <wolfmac@xxxxxxxxxxxx> Wrote in message:
On 2018-08-21 18:53, Libor Striz wrote:
The text and background  looking like a colouring book for children
should be avoided, as overcolouring rather distracts people than
   attracts them to important or otherwise relevant parts of

The above is a common notion about the effects of colour. The effect of
colour are complicated. Colour has profound and somewhat surprising
effects on cognition.

Colour enhances visual memory, especially if the colours are natural:

People's self-reported responses to colour conflicts with their
physiological responses, which suggests a cultural bias toward colour:

Colour has all kinds of positive effects from a marketing POV, including
increase in comprehension and memory:

Colour affects mood, which in turn affects cogntion and performance:


But general effects of colours to human perception are different
  to effects in information presentation.

In the former it is part of primary perception, in the latter it
  is the secondary metainformation.

"Primary perception" affects everything else. Eg, the emotional effects of colour affect how information is processed. In your case, you apparently associate a multi-coloured information screen with "a colouring book for children", which brings up a negative response. This is also a nice example of how emotional responses are affected by culture and personal experience.

Not to mention that "perception" is a fuzzy concept, covering everything from highly focused attention to sub-aware response, so that any discussion about design will be as fuzzy as the implicit assumptions about perception.


Wolf K
It's called an "opinion" because it's not a fact.
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