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*Illusions on the Way to an Apartheid State (Gideon Levy, Haaretz+) Removing 33 'isolated' settlements wouldn't allow for a viable two-state solution, despite what a Haaretz colleague of mine argues. Ori Mark, the new editor of Haaretz’s Hebrew-language weekend magazine, is sure that the land can still be divided. (Mark's article) In fact, it’s easy: Remove 9,800 families and the land is divided. Only 33 “isolated” settlements stand between the apartheid state or the binational democracy of the prophets of falsehood and destruction, A.B. Yehoshua and this writer, and the just solution of two states for two peoples, the vision of so many good people. To read Mark’s article, it seems as if peace and justice are still right around the corner. Here comes the Palestinian state, reach out and touch it, just one small evacuation and we’re there. And we haven’t yet mentioned its tiny area, restricted rights, demilitarization and lack of sustainability. The map doesn’t lie. Removing 33 disruptive settlements would indeed allow for Palestinian territorial contiguity. There’s a state. True, a Palestinian who travels to Bethlehem and Ramallah would have to go through the Dead Sea, but who’s counting. There’s contiguity.

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