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Re: How do I create a homepage in Firefox with Windows 10?

Em 19-08-2018 12:46, Ray_Net escreveu:
Balaco ocalaB wrote on 19-08-18 16:04:
Em 19-08-2018 10:38, Big Al escreveu:
On 08/19/2018 06:22 AM, Balaco ocalaB wrote:
Em 16-08-2018 18:52, Ray_Net escreveu:
Balaco ocalaB wrote on 16-08-18 20:19:
Em 16-08-2018 13:04, longanodan@xxxxxxxxx escreveu:
On Thursday, August 16, 2018 at 1:03:26 AM UTC-4, longa...@xxxxxxxxx
I think the topic speaks for itself.

WaltS48 knew exactly what I meant. It worked, thank you!

You should consider to say things in ways that are clear, instead of
just luckly guessable.

Give us the good sentence to be written in the question ....

As we see in Firefox preference window, what was originally asked is
the start page, which is pretty different from a homepage. "Start
page" is what is written when we click on 'Edit > Preferences' (the
Preferences menu item is in different places due a "plucking" decision
of FF devs) and the 'General' settings are shown. The item chosen in
the "When Firefox starts" option is important. The original poster
should want it to be "show my start page".

So the title I would choose for this thread is:

"How do I make Firefox always show, when started, a specific page with
Windows 10?"

The answer is: in the General section of FF preferences, put the full
URL of that page in the "Start page" option, and choose "show my start
page" in the "When Firefox starts" option.


If I read you right, Linux FF 60.0.1 is nothing like that.

Home (or homepage) is something completely different of what I pointed!

But you showed a screenshot of the "Home" section of preferences. What
do you see in the General section?

And I think I do not even have a "home" button possibility! I even
searched all my preferences sections looking for that, and I did not
see any.

Everything I have said is about Firefox ESR 52, the correspondent
normal version for that ESR number, and any (or most of) previous

The picture shows the term "Home" twice, so, it's the home page.
In the FF windowd there is on the left upper part a small thumbnail
representing a house, = my house = my home ...

I did not (and do not) question the picture. I just said mine is different, and what I have today, with version ESR 52, is what I remember having in Firefox all the time I have seen or used it - since several years ago.

I can put a "Start page" button (that is the name it has!) in my address bar, its icon is a house (or home, if you prefer). But the setting to choose which page will be shown by a click in that button is in preferences > General, exactly as I said. I do not have a "Home" (or any similar word) section in Firefox settings. I have never seen that before.

Homepage, in one word, like originally posted, is a technical term with another meaning, much more common and used, and it is probably older, I think.

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