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Re: mozilla.support.thunderbird AND mozilla.support.firefox

WaltS48 <schw01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Wrote in message:
> There is a report on IRC that some users are having a problem with long 
> delays with mail delivery through the mailman mailing lists.
> Probably the reason since they are connected to the newsgroups.
> It took hours for my posts to appear.
I had a post to m.s.fx take > 24 hrs to appear a few days ago.
 was using a different UA to usual and I wondered if that had
 caused the message to be flagged for moderation.

I assume they try to filter spam from the NGs which impersonates a
 trusted user. (If I am a trusted user;)

I doubt if these NGs will exist for much longer - just my opinion.
Remove numerics from email address.
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