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Re: Question about Keylogger viruses and stored Password data

?? Good Guy ?? <Hello.World@xxxxxxxxxxx> Wrote in message:
>     On 16/08/2018 17:24, Dave Royal wrote:
> SQLite Manager won't run in Fx 57+ - it's the kind of thing a
> webextension addon can no longer do. 
>     You don't need an extension to read or browse a database.  For
>     SQLite there is another stand-alone tool called SQLite Browser
>     <https://sqlitebrowser.org/> and it can read a database quite
>     easily.
You cited an addon. Of course, if an attacker can run a program on
 your device then they have access to all your data. The next
 defence against that is a sandboxed operating system like

It's why I'd do banking on an iPad in preference to a Windows machine.
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