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Re: mozilla.support.thunderbird AND mozilla.support.firefox

Balaco ocalaB wrote on 17/08/2018 4:13 AM:
Em 16-08-2018 14:36, 😉 Good Guy 😉 escreveu:

It looks like the two Newsgroups have gone 100% censorship.  Nothing
appears for hours.  At first I thought it was a temporary server problem
but it looks like ChrisI has gone for complete shutdown.

Couple of guys asked in those NGs and they were told to contact the
moderator privately.

I do not feel bad for that. Kind of the opposite. I was silently put in the situation of "source which cannot post anything" for reasons I disagree that exist - and discussion or anything clear was not done with me, never. And my posts or threads there were just deleted! So I cannot even show to anyone that my arguments against the actions are valid and good.

RIPFAM - Rest In Peace Far Away [from] Me

I think ChrisI would suggest that the Support groups are *only* for *SUPPORT* . Generalised discussion of your hopes and dreams for Firefox *ARE NOT* Support!!

But, then, what would I know??


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