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Re: PiaoHong NewsReader on Android not displaying m.support threads

Em 11-08-2018 13:55, Dave Royal escreveu:
I've used PiaoHong NewsReader - also called just NewsReader - on
 Android for ages. There's a free version and a 'VIP' (no ads)
 version which I have.

Recently - about 4th August - it's no longer showing any new
 threads on mozilla.support.firefox or .thunderbird. It does show
 replies to older threads. The latest threads displayed are 'Kill
 tab browsing' (Fx) and HELP (Tb). It seems OK on

I suspect that something changed in the way Moz generates the
 newsgroup feed. This newsreader has several faults, one of which
 is that it ignores replies to threads it hasn't seen the start
 of. I suspect that the headers are now such that it doesn't
 recognise any post as a new thread.

The author has long since abandoned this app - I used to report
 bugs and he used to fix some, but that was a couple of years

Any other users of this app here? What other newsreaders do folk
 use on Android?

Why don't you try a linux program in your device?

I did a first try search


where I found an inviting page, below the (usually partially useless) SOV result, which I skimed


you do *not* need a rooted 'droid, which is something I would have, if I ever run one such device (with an emulator, which is more acceptable for me). The given steps give you graphical applications too, but TB is a memory trencherman - which you probably will prefer to avoid. If you agree with me on that, you can skip the graphical step and just install a text mode news reader! I found one that seems very good here:


About that program, https://opensource.com/life/15/8/top-4-open-source-command-line-email-clients said:
Alpine is the other well-known client for terminal email, developed
at the University of Washington and designed to be an open source,
Unicode-friendly alternative to Pine, also originally from UW.

Designed to be friendly to beginners, but also chocked full of
features for advanced users, Alpine also supports a multitude of
protocols—IMAP, LDAP, NNTP, POP, SMTP, etc.—as well as different
mailbox formats. Alpine is packaged with Pico, a simple text editing
utility that many use as a standalone tool, but it also should work
with your text editor of choice: vi, Emacs, etc.

While Alpine is still infrequently updated, there is also a fork,
re-alpine, which was created to allow a different set of maintainers
to continue the project's development.

Alpine features contextual help on the screen, which some users may
prefer to breaking out the manual with Mutt, but both are well
documented. Between Mutt and Alpine, users may want to try both and
let personal preference guide their decision, or they may wish to
check out a couple of the newer options below.

From the 4 mail clients in that page, Alpine seems to be the only one to support NNTP.

I have not checked other results... maybe you can do that, if you want to take my ideas forward:


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