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Re: Question about Keylogger viruses and stored Password data

On 16/08/2018 14:03, Daniel wrote:
I was out with one of my sisters tonight, and, on the way home, she asked about "Keylogger viruses" ... in particular, if she had saved her identity and password data for a site (pick a site, any site) so that when she went to the site, her stuff was auto-filled in, so she could get to a site, .... and then, after her data had been stored on her computer, she then got infected by a Keylogger virus, would her identity and password data be collected by the Keylogger??

At first thought I said "NO", because no keys had been pressed ... but is it that simple?? Would the keylogger also register that a file had been accessed to supply the log-in data?? The data didn't come from the keyboard, but did come from somewhere.

If the password is stored in SQLite database then the entire database is/can be siphoned off and it can be opened using SQLite Manager - an Add-On for Firefox. Mozilla is a sponsor of SQLite Database and it uses it for many things in products. Once the database is in their hands then they can do many things with it.

I never save passwords in browsers; TB you need to save because of accessing eMails many times a day.

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