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Re: Question about Keylogger viruses and stored Password data

Daniel <dxmm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I was out with one of my sisters tonight, and, on the way home, she 
> asked about "Keylogger viruses" ... in particular, if she had saved her 
> identity and password data for a site (pick a site, any site) so that 
> when she went to the site, her stuff was auto-filled in, so she could 
> get to a site, .... and then, after her data had been stored on her 
> computer, she then got infected by a Keylogger virus, would her identity 
> and password data be collected by the Keylogger??
> At first thought I said "NO", because no keys had been pressed ... but 
> is it that simple?? Would the keylogger also register that a file had 
> been accessed to supply the log-in data?? The data didn't come from the 
> keyboard, but did come from somewhere.

I think your first thought is correct. If it is a 'classic' keylogger
then it captures keystrokes. It can't monitor data within the browser or
capture clicks on an on-screen keyboard.

But is it 'just' a keylogger? And if she cought that she
might have other malware, so thorough scanning etc. should be done.
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