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Re: PiaoHong NewsReader on Android not displaying m.support threads

On 8/15/18 2:00 PM, Dave Royal wrote:

On Sat, 11 Aug 2018 17:55:55 +0100, Dave Royal wrote:

I've used PiaoHong NewsReader - also called just NewsReader - on
  Android for ages. There's a free version and a 'VIP' (no ads) version
  which I have.

Recently - about 4th August - it's no longer showing any new
  threads on mozilla.support.firefox or .thunderbird. It does show
  replies to older threads. The latest threads displayed are 'Kill tab
  browsing' (Fx) and HELP (Tb). It seems OK on m.general

I suspect that something changed in the way Moz generates the
  newsgroup feed. This newsreader has several faults, one of which is
  that it ignores replies to threads it hasn't seen the start of. I
  suspect that the headers are now such that it doesn't recognise any
  post as a new thread.

The author has long since abandoned this app - I used to report
  bugs and he used to fix some, but that was a couple of years back.

Any other users of this app here? What other newsreaders do folk
  use on Android?

I think the problem is as I suspected - that PH NewsReader doesn't
recognise any post as a new thread.

Unless it's been superseded this defines the headers:

Section 2.2.5. defines the 'References' header:
"This field lists the Message-ID's of any messages prompting the
submission of this message.  It is required for all follow-up messages,
and forbidden when a new subject is raised."

The headers of the example thread, which does not appear in PH NewsReader
References: <84a90027-d264-856c-264c-9a64ef639fe3@xxxxxxxxx>
which perhaps relates to the originating email.
But it means this is a /reply/ not a new thread, and, as I noted in my
OP, PH NewsReader does not display replies to posts it no longer holds.
That's an unfortunate 'feature' - and ISTR I pointed it out the PH
himself when I first started using it.

Other newsreaders I use, PAN and tin (and TBird in the past) don't have
this limitation. If they can't match the references they display a new
thread - sometimes adding 'Re: ' to the subject to indicate it's a reply.

That same RFC specifies that invalid headers should be ignored, so I
don't now think all those headers are a problem. It's just a stream, so I
can't see why there would be a limit on the number - it would carry on
till it found a blank line indicating the start of the message.

Looks like an unwanted side effect of an attempt to fix a broken thread problem.
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