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Re: PiaoHong NewsReader on Android not displaying m.support threads

Dave Royal wrote:
> Libor Striz wrote:
>> PietB Wrote:
>>> Dave Royal wrote:
>>>> Here is the first post of a thread that PH NewsReader does not display:
>>>> <https://www.cjoint.com/data/HHmqXfthRoJ_moz-ng-new-post.txt>
>>>> That has 84 lines of hearers!
>>>> One possibility is that PH just runs out of header buffer space.
>>> If that would be the case, "PH" stands for "PreHistoric".
>> Unfortunately, there is lack of historic free and usable Usenet clients
>> for Android.
> PiaoHong NewsReader is the /only/ usable text NNTP client for Android,
> free or otherwise. And 'usable' is the nicest thing anybody has said
> about it.
> I'm pretty sure that all these spurious headers is the problem.

Since 1982 I've failed to see spurious headers, and I fail to see them
in your samples too.

> Whether they're valid or not makes little difference: Mozilla's not
> going to change them - unless perhaps it doesn't work in TBird.

You may encounter such long headers with what you call "spurious" lines
in just any Usenet posting. So it's not a Mozilla problem and it's your
news reader that's broken.


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