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Re: PiaoHong NewsReader on Android not displaying m.support threads

Libor Striz <poutnik4REMOVEnntp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> PietB <www.godfatherof.nl/@opt-in.invalid> Wrote in message:
>> Dave Royal wrote:
>>> Here is the first post of a thread that PH NewsReader does not display:
>>> <https://www.cjoint.com/data/HHmqXfthRoJ_moz-ng-new-post.txt>
>>> That has 84 lines of hearers!
>>> One possibility is that PH just runs out of header buffer space.
>> If that would be the case, "PH" stands for "PreHistoric".
> Unfortunately, there is lack
> of historic free and usable Usenet clients for Android.
PiaoHong NewsReader is the /only/ usable text NNTP client for Android,
free or otherwise. And 'usable' is the nicest thing anybody has said
about it.

I'm pretty sure that all these spurious headers is the problem.
Whether they're valid or not makes little difference: Mozilla's not
going to change them - unless perhaps it doesn't work in TBird. 

One way to overcome the problem would be to use a proxy that filters out
the extra headers. I think that would be a challenge on an un-rooted
Android device. Anyone know of an NNTP proxy?

I'm thinking about running tin on my SFOS phone. The main problem is having
enough screen space in addition to the virtual keyboard.
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