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Re: Very quick question: in Thunderbird, where a composing windows goes to when... ?

On 12/08/2018 08:31, Daniel wrote:

I was going to suggest that, sometimes, posts are held up whilst they get moderated,

This is not quite correct. Somebody posting for the first time in Thunderbird or Firefox newsgroups will find his posts appear almost immediately. The moderator only holds those people who are habitually violating the rules of the newsgroup. For example when somebody asks a simple question about how something can be done, then there is no point in giving a 3 page answer to it. Those posts are likely to be held and almost not likely to appear.

However, sometimes the newsgroup is just down. For example, I posted on FF and TB just now and none of them appeared. So clearly the nodes for FF and TB are not operational. I have never been on the black-list and my posts normally appear almost immediately. I use HTML and I posts links to images and still they are within the rules; People have complained but Chris has told them in no uncertain terms that HTML and links to "relevant" material is allowed.

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