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Re:PiaoHong NewsReader on Android not displaying m.support threads

Dave Royal <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Wrote in message:
> I've used PiaoHong NewsReader - also called just NewsReader - on
>  Android for ages. There's a free version and a 'VIP' (no ads)
>  version which I have. 
> Recently - about 4th August - it's no longer showing any new
>  threads on mozilla.support.firefox or .thunderbird. It does show
>  replies to older threads. The latest threads displayed are 'Kill
>  tab browsing' (Fx) and HELP (Tb). It seems OK on
>  m.general
> I suspect that something changed in the way Moz generates the
>  newsgroup feed. This newsreader has several faults, one of which
>  is that it ignores replies to threads it hasn't seen the start
>  of. I suspect that the headers are now such that it doesn't
>  recognise any post as a new thread. 
> The author has long since abandoned this app - I used to report
>  bugs and he used to fix some, but that was a couple of years
>  back. 
> Any other users of this app here? What other newsreaders do folk
>  use on Android? 

When you talk about it, I notice the same.
Have you tried resubscribing to the group ? Sometimes newsservers 
 reset article numbering  what confused some clients.
Libor Striz

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