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PiaoHong NewsReader on Android not displaying m.support threads

I've used PiaoHong NewsReader - also called just NewsReader - on
 Android for ages. There's a free version and a 'VIP' (no ads)
 version which I have. 

Recently - about 4th August - it's no longer showing any new
 threads on mozilla.support.firefox or .thunderbird. It does show
 replies to older threads. The latest threads displayed are 'Kill
 tab browsing' (Fx) and HELP (Tb). It seems OK on

I suspect that something changed in the way Moz generates the
 newsgroup feed. This newsreader has several faults, one of which
 is that it ignores replies to threads it hasn't seen the start
 of. I suspect that the headers are now such that it doesn't
 recognise any post as a new thread. 

The author has long since abandoned this app - I used to report
 bugs and he used to fix some, but that was a couple of years

Any other users of this app here? What other newsreaders do folk
 use on Android? 
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