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Memories!! (Was: Re: Cannot Install Thunderbird 60.0 Under Windows 7)

WaltS48 wrote on 10/08/2018 1:41 AM:
On 8/9/18 3:37 AM, Daniel wrote:
David E. Ross wrote on 9/08/2018 1:02 PM:
On 8/8/2018 4:30 PM, Balaco ocalaB wrote:


Just an offtopic question, you may even not answer it, if you
prefer: why not using linux? There are so many different
distributions, for different kinds of public and activities!

I would use Linux except that I have accumulated a number of applications that I like but that exist only for Windows.

Actually, I was a UNIX user before I ever saw a PC running Windows.
As a software tester for a large client-server system, I wrote a
number of test tools in UNIX Korn.  Thus, I think I could adapt to
Linux quite easily.  However, I do not want to give up using the
Windows-only applications I have accumulated.

So why not Dual-Boot Win7 and Linux .... like I do??

I bought a Dell Win10 laptop almost 2 years ago because I was curious and wanted to provide support for Windows users. My Linux desktop is my main computer.

The apps look so much better when I test Linux LiveCD's on the laptop though. Must be the AMD R5 graphics and monitor combination.

I was going to reply "My Desktop is an 8086" but that would have been a lie, it's an AMD 586 (i.e. after 486, when Intel cancelled to open licence on their developments, AMD, and others, continued their own development with 586 and, I think, 686 CPU's).

But I don't think I've even re-connected the Monitor up to the Desktop Unit since I moved in October 2016!!


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