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Re: Very quick question: in Thunderbird, where a composing windows goes to when... ?

On 8/9/2018 7:38 AM, David E. Ross wrote:
> On 8/8/2018 4:46 PM, Balaco ocalaB wrote [in part]:
>> Oh! It is there!! Thank you very very very much! I am so happy to see it 
>> there, together with several tests I did now with other messages. Now I 
>> finished it and sent. How did you find that? I tried to search for a 
>> list of TB shortcuts and actions, but all I found was unrelated things, 
>> besides
> I do not remember how I originally found it.  I installed the Send Later
> button on Thunderbird's Compose window over two years ago and use it
> frequently.  However, I do not remember where I got that button; it is
> NOT part of the Toolbar Buttons extension.

I just remembered that Thunderbird's Addons Manager might show me where
I got the button.  It was from
 The excaped characters in the URI (e.g., %C3) are a result of the URI
containing German characters.

David E. Ross

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