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Would you mind listing the accumulated applications you use?

Em 09-08-2018 00:02, David E. Ross escreveu:
On 8/8/2018 4:30 PM, Balaco ocalaB wrote:
Em 08-08-2018 19:20, David E. Ross escreveu:
Just an offtopic question, you may even not answer it, if you prefer:
why not using linux? There are so many different distributions, for
different kinds of public and activities!

I would use Linux except that I have accumulated a number of
applications that I like but that exist only for Windows.

Actually, I was a UNIX user before I ever saw a PC running Windows.  As
a software tester for a large client-server system, I wrote a number of
test tools in UNIX Korn.  Thus, I think I could adapt to Linux quite
easily.  However, I do not want to give up using the Windows-only
applications I have accumulated.

You may use Wine to run applications. Its compatibility with programs has improved a lot, along the years passing. Today, even Microsoft uses Wine to run things in linux!

I installed Skype in my computer (which has only linux today, and will probably stay like this a long time) using MS official packages (I chose the .deb one, since my OS is Debian) several weeks ago. I did not have Wine installed here before, and the only "fancy" program installed here was Skype... so I think I can safely state: Skype for Linux is run using Wine, although that is completely transparent to users.

Would you mind listing the accumulated applications you use? I would just like to know them. It is not to argument anything else to you - since we are talking about this from something offtopic I started, and I do not intend to make this a "go to linux" discussion. At least, not more than you show you want - and you did not until now - which I will help where I can.

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