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Re: Menu icon names

On 8/1/2018 4:04 AM, PietB wrote:
Desiree wrote:
WaltS48 wrote:
Desiree wrote:
Fx, past 52.9 ESR, is junk so it is fitting that its developers want to promote junk food. Fx from Phoenix on has been great but no more.

Have you tried Firefox Nightly? Where you can multiselect tabs and move,
pin, bookmark, close them and more, block autoplay of sound, use DoH
(DNS over HTTPS) and other new features possibly coming like content

No, I haven't tried nightly. I'm way behind anyhow as I use Fx 52.9 ESR and CTR so Fx UI looks as I want it to look.

Same here, but I don't consider it "way behind". And actually my
default browser is PaleMoon, which is fast and suits my needs,
with FF 52.9ESR as sluggish backup.

Haven't tried FF Nightly, nor will I give it a try. Don't need
the new bells & whistles, and what I *do* need isn't possible,
like the indispensable add-on Cookies Manager+.


I used to have Pale Moon through version 26 as my default browser. Version 27 would not support my really important extensions so I was delighted to be able to switch to Basilisk which is my default browser and which supports all my extensions.

I use Cookie Controller since the unwise demise of Ask Me regarding cookies in Options but your Cookies Manager+ looks enticing and it will work on Basilisk.
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