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Re: Menu icon names

Desiree wrote:
> WaltS48 wrote:
>> Desiree wrote:
>>> Fx, past 52.9 ESR, is junk so it is fitting that its developers want to 
>>> promote junk food.  Fx from Phoenix on has been great but no more.
>> Have you tried Firefox Nightly? Where you can multiselect tabs and move,
>> pin, bookmark, close them and more, block autoplay of sound, use DoH
>> (DNS over HTTPS) and other new features possibly coming like content
>> blocking.
> No, I haven't tried nightly.  I'm way behind anyhow as I use Fx 52.9 ESR 
> and CTR so Fx UI looks as I want it to look.

Same here, but I don't consider it "way behind". And actually my
default browser is PaleMoon, which is fast and suits my needs,
with FF 52.9ESR as sluggish backup.

Haven't tried FF Nightly, nor will I give it a try. Don't need
the new bells & whistles, and what I *do* need isn't possible,
like the indispensable add-on Cookies Manager+.


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