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Re: Menu icon names

On 7/29/2018 12:31 PM, WaltS48 wrote:
On 7/29/18 5:49 PM, Desiree wrote:
On 7/28/2018 6:05 AM, PietB wrote:
WaltS48 wrote:
So the three lines menu icon is called the hamburger menu icon, and I just found out that the tree dots are called the meatball menu icon.

Some prefer vegaburger and vegaball menu icons.


And many of us (the smart ones) don't eat any of that junk as even tofu burgers are not really healthy food.

Fx, past 52.9 ESR, is junk so it is fitting that its developers want to promote junk food.  Fx from Phoenix on has been great but no more.

Have you tried Firefox Nightly? Where you can multiselect tabs and move,
pin, bookmark, close them and more, block autoplay of sound, use DoH
(DNS over HTTPS) and other new features possibly coming like content




No, I haven't tried nightly. I'm way behind anyhow as I use Fx 52.9 ESR and CTR so Fx UI looks as I want it to look.

I will download the portable Fx 60x ESR in September to see what it is like but I'm happy with Basilisk for now and will use Fx 52,9 past its expiration date for awhile.

I've been able to do what you describe with tabs since Mozilla Suite and my favorite extensions for tabs from Piro. I moved to Fx when he did with Fx 1.0.
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