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Re: You have been blocked

Caver1 wrote:
On 07/27/2018 02:20 PM, Millwood wrote:
Caver1 wrote:
If i go to https://www.medscape.com with Firefox I get the message > You Have Been Blocked.
I have tried in safe mode and still get blocked
If I go there with Chrome, Opera, Qupzilla I do not get blocked.

I would delete all cookies associated with the site.

options->privacy..->Cookies manage data.

search for medscape.com - select all lines and then delete selected.

If this fails, try running in safe mode.  If that "fixes" it you probably have an add-on that's causing this.  You'll need to turn them off one at a time to find the culprit.  (binary search is faster if you know how).

All cookies for a site are automatically done away with when, Tab are closed, when Firefox is closed, When ever I clear history which I do regularly.

Have the same problem in Safe mode.

I don't remember if you created a new profile - if not it's time to try that to rule out everything local.

Everything local except the browser id string, of course. You did not report that this is an old firefox, and others are not blocked, so this doesn't seem to be a possible cause.

If we understand correctly, references from the same ip address via other browsers work. That is, there are no proxies or vpns in the story.
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