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Re: Windows 10 - Anitta - Medicina (Official Music Video)

On 7/25/18 8:35 AM, Big Al wrote:
On 07/25/2018 01:13 AM, Daniel wrote:
😉 Good Guy 😉 wrote on 25/07/18 01:51:

More than 19 million views already in two days!!!!!!!!!!!!


Best viewed in Windows 10 machine.

Why is it "Best Viewed in Windows 10 machine"?? Does it not work using Win 7 Pro or any form of Linux??

Because it's "Good Guy".   He thinks 10 is heaven sent.  It's God's gift to man.

Not having used Windows for several years, I must say I like Win10, or at least my Win10 laptop.

All my apps look much better than they do on my Linux desktop, but the videos look better on Linux. Must have something to do with the graphics and displays.

It is mostly used for testing Firefox and Thunderbird.

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