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Re: Does anyone here use Ccleaner on their addressbooks??

On 07/22/2018 03:14 AM, Daniel wrote:
I wanted to sort out my addressbook file, as I think I've imported old copies of my addressbooks into my current Bookmarks file so that it seems I've got three (or four or ....) copies of some of the Bookmarks.

So I've downloaded CCleaner Professional ... ccsetup544pro.exe 07/07/2018 15,630 KB from the https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download website.

I then exported my SeaMonkey Bookmarks file as a HTML file (Bookmarks->Manage Bookmarks then Tools->Export as HTML)

I ran the Clicked the CCleaner Professional program, expecting to have to direct it to where I had stored my Bookmarks.HTML file, but didn't have that opportunity to do that. Instead, I clicked the "Start My Trial" button, and found, even at this stage, I needed an Internet connection, so did that then re-Clicked the "Start My Trial" button to run the program.

This brought up an Error Message...
0x2f08: A redirect request will change a secure to a non-secure connection ... with an "OK" button.

Clicking the O.K. got me back to the Clicked the "Start My Trial" button screen. So how do I get any further??

Could it be that I've downloaded 64 bit version when I should have downloaded a Win7 WOW 32 bit version??

And also on the Ccleaner screen I could not find any Stop button or "X" so how do I stop it?? Even trying to kill it via the Taskbar icon failed. So, once I get things running, how do I kill the program??

And, now that I look at things better, is Ccleaner what I want ... something to sort out my Bookmarks file, or does it just clean up my Hard Drive??

I don't remember Ccleaner having a filter for address books. I will remove cookies you don't want. You make a list of ones to save and it cleans the others. And you can compact some databases in thunderbird and firefox. But remove dupes? Nope not seen it.

I'm lazy and simply put up two windows and compare, cut and paste.
I'm not sure I'd rely on any kind of AI cleaning dupes, like which one has the right phone#? 100% dupes maybe, but that's it.

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