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Re: I need the current directions on gMail hosting

On 07/18/2018 01:33 PM, WaltS48 wrote:
On 7/18/18 3:13 PM, T wrote:
On 07/17/2018 11:41 AM, Ray_Net wrote:
T wrote on 17-07-18 18:42:
Hi All,

I need to switch a customer over to gMail eMail hosting.  Googling
the issues gets me millions of out-of-date and halfway answers.
And of course, you can't call Google and ask.

Anyone know a link the the proper directions?

Many thanks,

Type this in Google: create a gmail mailbox

Then you got all informations  ....

Personnally I have a Gmail mailbox accessible by the webmail interface and by SeaMonkey with POP interface.

I think maybe I was not clear enough.   I want gMail to
host an MX record.

We think you don't know how to use a search engine and want to profit off others knowledge in case they have already done what you are looking to do for one of your customers.


Hi Walt,

The problem with a Google search is that Google is forever
changing things and the hits you get back seldom reflect the
current methodology.  Ever try looking up how to do
something on gMail?  AAAHHHHH!!!!  (It would really help if
folks were to date their articles -- a pet peeve of mine.)

Who said anything about M$ Exchange? Did you mistake MX for that?

     Defined in RFC 1035. Specifies the name and relative preference
     of mail servers (mail exchangers in the DNS jargon) for the
     zone. The MX RR is used by external SMTP (Mail) Agents to
     route incoming mail for the domain.


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