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Re: VoIP Computer to Computer connections!

Sailfish wrote on 17/07/2018 3:36 PM:
My bloviated meandering follows what Daniel graced us with on 7/16/2018 1:46 AM:
Sailfish wrote on 16/07/2018 1:22 AM:
My bloviated meandering follows what Daniel graced us with on
7/15/2018 2:48 AM:
Sailfish wrote on 15/07/2018 11:09 AM:
My bloviated meandering follows what Daniel graced us with on 7/14/2018 2:45 AM:

You should already have Video Over the Internet, yes?

As in watching videos from Youtube, etc, Yes, but as in 'phoning my
 sister using the Laptop's built-in Camera and  Mic, No .... not
yet!! ;-)

Hmm, just to be sure, VOIP still isn't needed, nor used, for that.
You can use one of the programs already mentioned in this thread,
e.g., Skype. Mostly, what VOIP affords is being able to make regular
telco phone calls free over a large area (minus some nominal
regulatory fees). For example, my VOIP box (ooma) basic package
covers the entire US for less that $5USD/mo, more at: https://www.ooma.com/telo/home-phone-service/

The thing is, Australia telco regulation may be such that you'd need
to go through a subscription service provider but, still, it should
be less expensive than landline calling.

O.K., so it would seem I *MUST* use a program such as Skype, it's not just a matter of switching on my Camera and Mic and sending that Data where I want!

While I've not used it, Firefox supports WebRTC which suggests that it may handle the task but I cannot say for sure, see

Good Luck!

Hmm!! So, reading that page, WebRTC seems to be what I had thought VoIP was, i.e. I enter a distant IP address, and my Computer would try to contact that address, sort of like contacting a normal Web address, but feeding my Video/Audio to that IP address.

It seems like, in the olden/golden days (or so I'm led to believe), we would 'phone a telephone exchange and they would connect us to the required number. This seems, sort of, like what Skype does. Whereas now-a-days, we 'phone a number and are automatically connected. This is what, it seems, WebRTC would do!!


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