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Re: OT: Spectrum/Charter 100Mbps Update

On 07/14/2018 06:08 PM, Sailfish wrote:
My bloviated meandering follows what The Real Bev graced us with on
7/14/2018 11:58 AM:
On 07/14/2018 11:16 AM, The Real Bev wrote:
On 07/13/2018 11:12 AM, Sailfish wrote:
My bloviated meandering follows what Sailfish graced us with on

Update: After not getting the promised 100Mbps today, I called again and
got a different representative who indicated that the previous
representative hadn't configured the change correctly AND that it should
have updated while we were on the phone and not take 24 hrs. He set it
up again and after waiting a bit (45-60 secs), it came back online* but
still only registered the 60+Mbps rate. The rep re-looked at his changes
and said that there was another setting that need twiddling and
afterward, I got the full 100Mbps download rate with a 5.6Mbps upload

"Estimated wait time is less than 10 minutes..." We'll see.

Tech support transferred me to sales, who spent 10 minutes telling me
why they couldn't do what I wanted and pushing bundled stuff for
$30/each.  I asked what I could get if I canceled for 3 months and came
in as a new customer.  Ambiguous/noncommittal answer.  So I finally said
"So you're telling me that I'm just screwed because of where I live,
"I didn't say that.."
"So I guess you've done everything for me that you can, right?"
"Wait a minute, let me transfer you to tech support and see if we can
reprovision your modem at no additional charge<click>"

Gotta know something no good is about to be sprung on you when you get
connect to Sales :-)

I've had 'adjustments' made by tech support, billing, and now sales. Maybe they're all the same department.

When the blinkylights stopped flashing the speed test yielded 94.24 and
11.42.  YAY!

For a moment I was really pissed, thinking that she had disconnected me.
 Fortunately I was wrong!

T H A N K   Y O U   T H A N K   Y O U   T H A N K   Y O U  ! ! ! ! !

Good to hear. The thing is, I never watch much video so even 60Mbps was
overkill for my needs but, hey, when they dangle a free 100Mbps carrot
out in front of me, I'm going to take it.

They doubled the upload speed, so that's another good. I don't notice any functional difference yet. Maybe I should stream a movie...

Cheers, Bev
   Some people are like Slinkies... Not really good for
   anything, but they still bring a smile to your face
   when you push them down a flight of stairs.
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