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Re: Question on deploying FF 60 with customizations

In message <mailman.128.1531487435.17372.support-firefox@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, PietB <www.godfatherof.nl/@opt-in.invalid> writes:
J. P. Gilliver (John) wrote:
PietB writes:
How would you suggest he prevents the scam search engines from getting
installed (which you approve of) without stifling (which you don't)?
Genuine question ...

Genuine answer: give them at least a choice by installing multiple search
engines, then blocking installing more. I'd recommend:
1. startpage
2. duckduckgo
3. google (in case the others fail)

Although you're still "stifling", good compromise answer. [I've never
heard of startpage.]

I know it better as Ixquick, because that's how it started:
Its biggest advantage, besides privacy, is that you don't have
to save your settings, but can turn them into a url, which you
can subsequently use in other browsers and/or other computers.
Its biggest disadvantage is that the search results are limited.

Thanks for the information; noted for future reference.

F'up set to mozilla.general.


I haven't changed it back (so won't see further replies), but why? It seemed a browser-related question.
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