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Re: VoIP Computer to Computer connections!

PietB wrote on 13/07/2018 5:14 PM:
Daniel wrote:
The Real Bev wrote:
Sailfish wrote:
My cable service offered a subscription VOIP but I've opted for
the one-time purchase of the ooma VOIP box (https://www.ooma.com/).
Note: I'm not sure whether it is available "down under - Where
women glow and men plunder"?

Gee!! I've got to get my hearing checked!! I always thought that line
was "Where women glow and men chunder!! i.e. throw their guts up after
drinking much too much!!

If your hearing cheats you, your vision might not:


Ah!! So I remember one (at 1:22 of the video) out of three!! Must mean I'm more familiar with "Chundering"!! ;-P


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