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Re: VoIP Computer to Computer connections!

Grant Taylor wrote on 13/07/2018 3:20 AM:
On 07/10/2018 01:34 AM, Daniel wrote:
Does anyone here use VoIP computer to computer video-phoning?? If so, can they give a web-site address that explains how to set things up??

Are you wanting self hosted or something that runs through a service.

I got the impression that you wanted self hosted when I originally read your message.  Though the other replies seem to be related to services.

I might be getting adventurous!!

That can be dangerous.  ;-)

Yeap, self-hosted, I think .... MY ISP Internet account allows 3GB/mth. Most months I'm lucky to go over 1GB, so I was thinking I could make use of the Laptops Camera, microphone and speakers (and Skype or some-such) and make the occasional, short, 'phone call to family members when I had d/l bytes available!


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