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Re: Thunderbird: is not obeying the settings! What to do?

On Wed, 11 Jul 2018 22:43:38 -0300, Balaco ocalaB
<ocalab@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>A few days ago, I discovered a TB setting I have wished for a long time: 
>a way to download only message bodies, without downloading the complete 
>big attachments, where present. Great! I set that setting for all my 
>BUT - yes, there is a but! But TB is not respecting it anymore! It just 
>downloaded a 9MiB message instead of stopping at "512 KB". I even 
>changed the number to 513KB and restarted that message viewing by: 
>changing the message to be shown to a smaller one, waited it - a few 
>seconds; changed the folder shown to another one in the same account; 
>reclicked the first folder, reclicked the big message. It downloaded all 
>the message again while I wrote and reread this message! I tested this 
>setting several times, just a few days ago! My TB was not updated since 
>What to do? The Microsoft first try solution to all problems? (which is 
>"completely close thunderbird, killing the process if needed, and 
>restart it again")
>If that suggestion is the only one, please say so. But I hope there is 
>something else.

Hopefully someone will be along with the answer or you could try in



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