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Thunderbird: is not obeying the settings! What to do?

A few days ago, I discovered a TB setting I have wished for a long time: a way to download only message bodies, without downloading the complete big attachments, where present. Great! I set that setting for all my accounts!

BUT - yes, there is a but! But TB is not respecting it anymore! It just downloaded a 9MiB message instead of stopping at "512 KB". I even changed the number to 513KB and restarted that message viewing by: changing the message to be shown to a smaller one, waited it - a few seconds; changed the folder shown to another one in the same account; reclicked the first folder, reclicked the big message. It downloaded all the message again while I wrote and reread this message! I tested this setting several times, just a few days ago! My TB was not updated since then!

What to do? The Microsoft first try solution to all problems? (which is "completely close thunderbird, killing the process if needed, and restart it again")

If that suggestion is the only one, please say so. But I hope there is something else.

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