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Firefox: there is not "warn on close" for private windows?

A bit old discussion I found, but have a few (still) useful pointers:


All I found is seen in about:config by searching for:


Firefox normal windows warn me before I close them. And they can be completely reopened in the "History" menu! But private windows do not do both - and sometimes a click slips from me when trying to resize them. And when the (last) private window closes, all private cache and cookies are cleared, and that may *not* be wanted. And is very annoying when done in the middle of something. I want to make that harder to happen.

One setting that was not initially set, months ago, I think, was: not to close the window if I close the last tab. Fine, this works if I close the *last private TAB* - the window is kept open, and an empty tab is opened after the one I closed. But I want to always have to click somewhere else the [X] to have the *window* closed. That x in a square is too hot, too magnetic.

Do you have suggestions?

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