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Thunderbird: how to show a message text without downloading all its attachment?

In Thunderbird, how to show a message text without downloading all its attachments? In webmail, we may see all the message text, and some images eventually contained in them, but without downloading a single byte of attachments.

Doing a bit of searching, I found


But this is not what I am asking. Independently of the attachment and message sizes, I want to download all the message, and none of the attachment(s), if present. However, I decided to try it, since I found no other result looking to be what I want.

My setting for all accounts is always: never preserve messages locally; sincronize everything independently of the date. Now, added to that, I did put the option: "do not download messages larger than [500] KB" for one account. 500 KiB will probably fit all the text of most messages I have in all accounts in TB. Did two tests with large messages (big attachs!), their text was shown after just 2 or 3 seconds, the attachments are also listed - and, of course, were not downloaded now.

Do you agree with me that this TB setting *text* is misleading? What matters to me is not the size of the whole message. It is the size of the attachment, and that is all! The message body should always be downloaded, even the uncommon larger messages (and they will hardly reach 1MiB). And if the text message is larger than 500KB (whatever "K" TB means with that dubious and confuse name, already deprecated), but the attachment is a few MiBs, I do *not* want to have only two options: download the whole message or nothing. so, I repeat what I said: I want to *always* download all the message body, but *none* of its attachments (exactly like most webmail interfaces usually do). But the settings possibilities does not seem to have that. Right?

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