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Re: iCloud (Notes) crashing everytime!!!

Em 02-07-2018 13:22, jeff.fit82@xxxxxxxxx escreveu:
Why my iCloud Notes app crash everytime?

tried in Internet Explorer, and Chrome...and it works fine!

some tips to make it work?

Do not give your money to companies that disrespect you, your privacy, and make everything to give the most invisible and distant perspectives in open source programs and what you can do with them. I will never buy any of Apple's products - for several reasons!

You tried in Chrome? There are much better browsers around, and they will not be sending everything you do to their servers, without telling you the browser does that, and without you having the option to turn that off. You use it? So you have no option! Further, Chrome is not an open source browser, as some naive may say. Its core, which has another name, is added with unknown parts to make the actual browser - it has parts that you cannot know, so it is closed source, end.

Try Firefox or its brothers projects outside Mozilla (that people in this group have mentioned a lot, at least in the last weeks or months). Try Vivaldi - and know what is his history, its main principles and the people behind it.

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