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Re: Firefox Color and Side View extensions

On Sat, 9 Jun 2018 10:13:23 -0400, in mozilla.general, WaltS48 wrote: 

>On 6/7/18 12:33 AM, Hartdonor wrote:
>> On Wed, 6 Jun 2018 10:32:52 -0400, in mozilla.general, WaltS48 wrote:
>>> May be features in a future version, but you can try them out now if you
>>> have Test Pilot installed.
>>> <https://medium.com/firefox-test-pilot/introducing-firefox-color-and-side-view-20fa66c01ff4>
>> Here's what I came up with...
>> https://color.firefox.com/?theme=XQAAAALkAAAAAAAAAABBKYhm849SCiazH1KEGccwS-xNVAWBveAusLBZjGuHi_rA2rFlTL-_dJnw1KCf502n5IGMbAeokEnfdkZwp9Cvy-iS-Mj8tn5GnZpJ_aWfzAntBYNRThN1qR1M3NLjX1W_NWANhrXOitQRaVFKGm5pLffE10IbAxkz1xhdQ9PzoVmdPQJIQue54KOzdhQu2OMnGe-q55lCPAmXyQTYbG060sU8P6DbOOH_8f2fAA
>You can find some other users themes here.
>I tried one preset theme, but I'm partial to the built-in Dark theme.

Hey wow. I just noticed that the toolbar color has an alpha channel. 


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