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Re: accessing m.s.Firefox and m.s.Thunderbird

Em 14-06-2018 17:38, 😉 Good Guy 😉 escreveu:
On 14/06/2018 17:18, Mortman wrote:

I've been a follower for a long time and I look forward to lurking and
participating for a long time to come.

In that case you need to know that there are dedicated newsgroups for
Firefox and Thunderbird so you need to use them for technical questions
and answers and helping other Mozilla product users.

This particular newsgroup is for general discussions and it does attract
spammers from time to time.  the two dedicated newsgroups have a
moderator who is clamping down on people who drift away from the main

(...) doing that in a way that, at the same time: is not clear to users what happened wrong, until they specifically try to send anything else; or check some messages were *DELETED* from the group! All proofs and facts done by the moderator are *completely deleted from all existence*, except a few possible copies of own messages from the moderated user. So all users cannot normally (and not easily) have a clear situation to (possibly) see what did not happen as good or not, as a few people say happened. Users are blocked from using the newsgroup again in *all possible ways*. Sure, dictatorships are the way to go!

The solution: as the start of a voice of protest, that I have seen my situation is not even close to the first similar situation around - which does not surprise me, since all traces of previous have surely had the same destination of mine, being completely deleted! You can simply stop using the "suggested" "support" groups and simply use the general group. Help here are good and enough for most situations - if not all!

Not being moderated is a two double edged knife, as said, since eventual spammers appear.

A clear and strong opinion: Not being moderated for *spam* is (should surely be) totally unrelated of being moderated in the discussions all *humans* make in the newsgroup. That is just a clearly fake way of supporting bad moderator conduct support in the "official support groups".

Group has spam? No. Very rarely. But it has one user who: make replies *totally unrelated* to discussions; send messages, sometimes several messages, that very problably are easily classified as spam - not because of a human possible fact of being bad for every other humans beings. The 'de facto' true, in this newsgroup, is that users simply say to others users make automatic filters to delete some users' posts. Is that a real user? For me, it does not seem so. As such, it should be banned from using *all newsgroups*. As such, it also should not interfere with behaviours of all other (human) users.

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