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Re: accessing m.s.Firefox and m.s.Thunderbird

Libor Striz wrote on 14/06/18 19:42:
Daniel <dxmm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Wrote in message:
Caver1 wrote on 14/06/18 04:32:
On 06/13/2018 01:21 PM, WaltS48 wrote:
On 6/13/18 1:09 PM, Caver1 wrote:
On 06/13/2018 12:46 PM, Mortman wrote:
Using Win 10, v. 1803; TB 52.8.0

I have seen several references to the newsgroups?? m.s.firefox and

How can I add those to my current newsgroups on thunderbird?

You will have to subscribe to news.mozilla.org to get the Moziila
Firefox/Thunderbird support groups in Thunderbird. After you subcribe
to news.mozilla.org,

They posted to mozilla.general so most likely has the server setup.

I thought so except if you look at the OPs header it states>
X-Usenet-Provider http://www.giganews.com and Xref
So it made me question that he was posting from news.mozilla.general.
Now that I'm looking at other posts to in the Mozilla news groups I see
the same thing so?

I'm thinking that the news.mozilla.org server is actually hosted on the
giganews.com server. .... but what would I know??

Rather in giganews.com domain.

News.mozilla.org CNAME news.mozilla.giganews.com

See!! What would I know?? ;-)


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