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Re: accessing m.s.Firefox and m.s.Thunderbird

EnDeeGee <invalid@invalid.invalid> Wrote in message:
> On 13-Jun-2018 15:36, PietB wrote:
>> Mortman wrote:
>>> I was under the impression that mozilla.support.firefox and m.s.firefox
>>> were two different groups. Ditto for Tbird.
>>> I guess old age is starting to get to me.:-P
>> It was new age that invented the confusing abbreviations. :-)
>> -p
> I hate abbreviations, they can be very confusing.

The abbreviations of words or terms are not the worst. Explanation
 atvthe first occurance or Acronym finder  usually fixes

Worse are abbreviations  of ideas, distorting their nature while
 looking OK.

Libor Striz

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