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Re: accessing m.s.Firefox and m.s.Thunderbird

Em 13-06-2018 16:56, 😉 Good Guy 😉 escreveu:
On 13/06/2018 18:39, Mortman wrote:
On 6/13/2018 12:46 PM, Mortman wrote:
Using Win 10, v. 1803; TB 52.8.0

I have seen several references to the newsgroups?? m.s.firefox and

How can I add those to my current newsgroups on thunderbird?

Thank you to all who replied.

I was under the impression that mozilla.support.firefox and
m.s.firefox were two different groups. Ditto for Tbird.

I guess old age is starting to get to me.:-P

Just noticed that nobody has told you how to correct this phenomenon in
Thunderbird so I suggest launch the Config Editor and search for this

|mail.server.default.abbreviate Then right-Click on it and change it to
false and you'll get the full names. |

For all boolean settings (which can only be true or false) in that screen, double clicking it to change may be easier.

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