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Re: No traffic

On 06/12/2018 09:44 PM, Daniel wrote:
WaltS48 wrote on 12/06/18 22:54:
On 6/12/18 4:04 AM, Daniel wrote:
🐴 Mr. Ed 🐴 wrote on 12/06/18 09:03:
On 06/11/18 7:03 PM, 🐴 Mr. Ed 🐴 wrote:
Guess it's been shut down.

Or not

Or Not!! As a result of advocacy by several posters here, the decision
was made by those in control to exclude m.gen from the shut-down!!

Yeah!! ;-)

You might want to read Comment #7 again. I don't think 2 commenters in
the bug report comprises a bunch of people, or the "a lot of support for
that forum" after Bev's comment.

The discussion was probably internal and not in the bug report.

Two's is a couple! ;-) Three is a bunch, isn't it?? Bev (Ashley,
really!!), David and Chris! ... at least!!


Who needs more? I include 'Lots' because big slide rules gave 4 digits of precision.

Still the original decision was, apparently, changed. :-)

I would guess that the existence of only a few protests would result in salvation. It's not like it costs a lot.

Cheers, Bev
   "If Mary Jo could float I would have been president."
                                       -- Ted Kennedy
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