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Re: [Update] Re: FYI: mozilla.general to be shuttered and archived.

😉 Good Guy 😉 wrote on 08/06/18 01:23:
On 07/06/2018 08:13, Daniel wrote:


Are you saying you won't miss me?  Why are you always the first to read my posts?  Nobody of some intelligence is reading my posts except you.

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Good Guy, I have seen you post some stuff which I thought might have actually been helpful to the situation under discussion ... *some* ... but very, very, occasionally!! And that is probably most often in the alt.windows7.general UseNet group.

So I don't have you killfiled!!

And, every time you post, we have to put up with your HTML formatted posts *AND* your garbage sig file Windows 10 AD.

When I weigh up the Pros and Cons .... *BYE BYE* !! At least from here!


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