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Re: FYI: mozilla.general to be shuttered and archived.

On 6/4/2018 3:02 PM, PietB wrote:
Martin Edwards wrote:
Luis wrote:
The truth is that all newsgroups will disappear from Internet sooner or
later. The reason is that most users post nonsense useful for nothing.

You have a point but I hope you are wrong.  I am in one where there are
still good discussions.

On the long term Usenet may vanish altogether. But it has been said a
zillion times before that Usenet will soon cease to exist, because of
the garbage and the lack op interest. Even so there are still some
newsgroups that are quite active and where the usual jerks are kept
in check by the participants.

The problem is that there's nothing to replace it. Sure enough, there
are a zillion forums, but each of them you have to find, you have to
register (which means leaving more or less personal information in a
zillion places), their scope tends to be very narrow, and lots of them
are very inactive (too). That makes them not very useful. Adn whereas
Usenet is still some sort of community, forums are not.


Just so.

Myth, after all, is what we believe naturally. History is what we must painfully learn and struggle to remember. -Albert Goldman
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