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Re: The support forum is m.support.thunderbird

*-* On Thu, 31 May 2018, at 23:49:13 -0300,
*-* In Article <Boidnf3VwP63KY3GnZ2dnUU7-dvNnZ2d@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
*-* Balaco ocalaB wrote
*-* About Re: The support forum is m.support.thunderbird

> Em 31-05-2018 22:39, WaltS48 escreveu:
>> On 5/31/18 9:17 PM, Balaco ocalaB wrote:
>>> do not answer me in messages, I can only read sujects apparently

>> I can read messages.

          [ ... ]

> m.support.* are groups I will not participate anymore.

> The "(was: ...)" part of the subject is removed automatically??

     Yes.  Here is a similar comment that was posted in m.s.t a little
over a week ago, and my response to it.

= - = - = Begin excerpt = - = - =
> (NB, and more OT stuff - I had to add the subject words in brackets
> as they were stripped out in my reply to you)

     That's by design.  When a thread "drifts" and someone is
responsible enough to change the subject as Walt did, Thunderbird
strips the old subject from the subject of followups/replies to the
changed post(s)/message(s).  TB has been doing that for years.  I'm
still using TB, and it stripped the old subject from the
subject of this post the same way yours did in your post.
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