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Re: The support forum is m.support.thunderbird

Em 31-05-2018 22:39, WaltS48 escreveu:
On 5/31/18 9:17 PM, Balaco ocalaB wrote:
do not answer me in messages, I can only read sujects apparently

I can read messages.

Now I am unsure when the problem started. The mail messages, as I discovered a minute ago, were also not being loaded. I thought: "thunderbird is becoming like Windows... it works better close to the moment each instance is started".

With 2 compose windows open (just drafts that I am taking time to finish, and was lazy to close), I closed the main TB window (thinking in closing it). Without expectatives, I reopened the main window. It came back to normal.

m.support.* are groups I will not participate anymore.

The "(was: ...)" part of the subject is removed automatically??

Thank you for your reply

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