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Re: Thunderbird: how to access a gmail account now?

On 5/24/18 5:55 PM, Balaco ocalaB wrote:
Em 24-05-2018 17:53, WaltS48 escreveu:
On 5/24/18 3:15 PM, Balaco ocalaB wrote:
A good friend tried to configure Thunderbird to access her gmail
account on my computer. Easy, right! No.

After typing the basic information in the account "wizard", a TB
message I have never seen before appeared.

Window title: "Give credentials for [account name] in imap.gmail.com".

In something that looks like a menu bar, there is
https://accounts.google.com./o/nocookie written.

The window text is:

Você chegou a esta página porque detectamos que os cookies estão
desativados no seu navegador. Não será possível exibir corretamente a
página que você tentou carregar se os cookies estiverem desativados.

Ative os cookies e repita a operação ou volte para o navegador.

Which can be summarized as:

Cookies are disabled in your browser. Not possible to show the page
you tried to load if cookies are disabled.

Enable cookies and try again, or go back to your browser.

My gmail account never needed that to be accessed in any manager! How
to I solve it? (enabling cookies in TB is not an option)

You need to have cookies enabled in Thunderbird to be able to create an
account for Gmail.

For cookies you would go to Preferences > Privacy. Enable "Accept
cookies from sites".

If that is not an option, you can't use Thunderbird.

I can't even get the Account Wizard to open with cookies disabled to
create any account.

The "create account" I meant, is the account *configuration* in TB. Not the gmail account. The account exists. Maybe I should have written it differently? No, the above seems good: "tried to configure TB to access her account".

What is the connection of cookies and TB? Why are they related to IMAP or SMTP? I think that is veeeeery strange. And I do not want that TB opens pages in its "browser bits", I have a browser configured with every detail as I wish, differently from what TB offers to me.

I never enabled cookies in TB, since years ago. I think that did not even exist.

I also meant account configuration in TB.

I was able to try configuring my Gmail account using TB 60.0b6 with a test profile, and the cookie error comes from https://accounts.google.com/o/nocookie.

It's possible they need to set a cookie to verify the accounts password.

I don't see any Google cookies saved in TB, looking at Preferences > Privacy > Show Cookies using my production profile.

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